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What You Need to Know About the Nano Fiber

The nanofibers we work with are thousands of times thinner than the human hair.

The usual fibre diameter range is between 100 - 500 nm. Thanks to this, nanofibrous layers have quite unique properties:

  • high surface area-to-volume ratio

  • high porosity

  • small pore dimensions

  • possibility of nanofiber additivation, for example by biologically active substances

Request a Nanofibers

Could your business use some of those unique features nanofibers have to offer? Contact us, we will be happy to answer your questions, discuss your ideas and requirements with you and propose a solution tailored to your needs.

The principle of barrier fabrics and filter materials containing nanofibers is based on these very properties. The small pore size allows mechanically filtering out dust and biological impurities of very small size, high porosity provides good permeability of these materials for the penetration of air or fluid..

Nanofiber Production

When it comes to production of nanofibers itself, we use Nanospider™ technology based on the principle of spinning the polymer solution in electrostatic field.

We use laboratory machines intended for the development of new materials and preparation of samples. Industrial production of barrier fabrics, filter materials, nanofiber membranes and other nanofiber materials is provided by several industrial machines Nanospider™.

  • maximum operating width of 1650 mm, nanofiber layer maximum width of 1600 mm

  • maximální zpracovatelný průměr návinu je 1200 mm

  • maximum processable winding diameter of 1200 mm

In industrial production of nanofiber materials for barrier fabric and filter materials we use mostly polymers PA6 and PVDF. The production itself takes place in an area of cleanliness class 8 according to ISO 14664 which is part of our production plant.

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