We believe that progress lies in modern technologies

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We believe that progress lies in modern technologies

Our manufacturing plant has state-of-the-art technology and cutting-edge equipment used only by experienced professionals. Therefore, our clients can always rely on us when it comes to delivering products that meet the highest expectations. What do we specialize in manufacturing?

Materials of the future, that is our domain. How does it work?

  • First, nanofibers are applied onto a suitable carrier.

  • Adhesion of the nanofibrous layer to the substrate must be ensured.

  • Fabric materials are connected with nanofibrous layer using powder adhesive.

  • Layers of nanofibers with fabric materials are laminated on one side or on both sides.


The barrier fabrics we develop and continually refine are essentially three-layer or multi-layer fabric laminates. Their outer surface is formed by common spunbond or meltblown nonwoven materials, between which we insert a layer of submicron fibers (nanofibers).

Mechanical interconnection of three-layer fabric laminates or two-layer filter media is done by applying adhesive solution on the substrate before covering it with nanofibers, alternatively they can be connected unilaterally or bilaterally with powder adhesive.

We use laminating technologies that help us to extend the application of nanofibrous materials to various industries and final products. Our materials are widely used - they are used in construction, medicine and households.

Critical parameter of usability of filter media with nanofibrous layer is to ensure there is sufficient adhesion between carrier medium and nanofibrous layer. We consistently oversee the coherence of the layers, which fundamentally affects the processability of the media into final products.


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